Practice Areas

Indiana Estate Planning Attorney

Tailored estate plans that secure your personal items, family, and yourself from any future crisis.
We want to help you prepare for life’s twists and turns while providing peace of mind for a lifetime.

Indiana Elder Law & Medicaid Attorney

Most people are not prepared for the costs of long term care or nursing homes these days.
We want to help your loved ones receive the care they need without losing all their assets.

Indiana Probate Attorney

Have you been named an executor of an estate and don’t know how to get started?
We want you to know you are not alone, we are here to walk you through the probate process quickly and smoothly.

Are you ready to protect the ones you love?

Through estate planning, you empower yourself to leave a legacy that reflects your values, ease the burden on your loved ones, and provide a clear path forward, even after you’re gone.

It’s not just about what you leave behind, but the lasting impact you make on those you cherish, and Sherri would be honored to be a part of that.

Whether you need an estate plan, help with Medicaid, or guidance through the probate process, She is here to help.

Take the first step by contacting us today.

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