Pet Spotlight

Pets bring joy into our lives. 

They offer unconditional love and support. A listening ear or a comforting cuddle is never far away.

Meet the furry staffers at Elder Law, LLC…

Attorney Sherri Elder is at the core of this compassionate estate planning practice, whose daily inspirations come from her dedication to her clients and a devoted team of furry companions.

These beloved pets are more than mere animals; they are cherished members of our law firm family. Their unconditional love brings a serene and comforting ambiance to our practice, making every client interaction a warm and pleasant experience.

We invite you to meet the furry ‘staffers’. Discover how their presence fuels our dedication to providing empathetic and meticulous estate planning services that secure peace of mind and enduring legacies.

Apollo, Technical Director

Apollo joined the firm in 2018 and makes sure all is as it should be.

He has an Impressive vocabulary of words and phrases and, if he doesn’t have a word for something, he earnestly communicates his desires in other ways.

He loves to exercise his humans by making them throw balls as high and as far as possible. And he knows how to start a Roomba, so cleaning is a breeze.

Athena, President of Client Relations

Athena arrived on the scene in 2022 as a rescue after being injured by a car. (She promptly rescued us right back.)

Athena may be missing a leg now, but don’t tell her. She would adamantly deny that she has lost anything at all. She’s not interested in learning Apollo’s vocabulary, and has been quoted as saying “Who needs words when everyone caters to me already?”

In fact, she does understand a few words and even comes when called if it suits her. She is fluent in body language and she loves nothing more than pats and scratches on her head and belly. She knows it alleviates stress for humans, so she demands them of everyone who visits.

Featured Pets


Sophie is our sweet little Shih Tzu. She is 6 years old and was rescued from a hoarder house. She came to the rescue matted and having just had a litter of puppies. At two, she had already had two litters.

She is the funniest little girl ever. We are always laughing at her antics. She doesn’t use her voice often, but when treats are involved, she makes her wishes know! She loves cuddles and rocking in the rocking chair with her mommies. She is the light of our household!

Sent in by: Susan R.

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